Drying Electronics with Silica Gel

Some electronics can be dried with silica gel. If your iPod, iPhone, watch or other electronic device has been wet, try drying it first before assuming it is ruined for good.

Drying Out Electronics using Silica Gel

Silica gel's moisture absorbing properties can be used for drying water logged electronics (cell phones, Ipods, watches, remotes). Some electronics can be successfully "brought back to life" by drying out the electronic parts. One method is to enclose your electronics in a small container with silica gel. The silica gel will readily absorb the moisture. After a few days (longer to be on the safe side) you can try to turn on your valuable electronics. If there was no irreparable damage done initially, this method can save time and money by saving valuable electronics.

Selecting the Right Size Desiccant

We carry silica gel desiccants in many different sizes to meet your needs. If you have many small containers or one very large container, can provide you with the right product.

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