Prevent Rust with Silica Gel

Moisture is one of the main contributors to rust. High or even moderate humidity can cause rust on unprotected metal surfaces. In enclosed areas, temperature changes can cause higher humidity or even condensation. If you place something in an enclosed area such a plastic container, the humidity of the environment becomes enclosed. If the temperature drops, the moisture has no place to escape so the relative humidity increases and if it drops far enough, the moisture will condense.

Preventing Rust When Storing Items

One of the most convenient ways to protect items from rusting is by reducing the amount of moisture in the enclosed environment. If you have a silica gel desiccant, the enclosed environment is to your advantage. Once you close a container, moisture transfer (in or out) is limited. When you use silica gel, you "suck up the moisture" from the enclosure and thereby reduce the total moisture in the air. When you reduce the moisture in the air you reduce the relative humidity and reduce the dew point, the temperature at which the water vapor condenses.

Selecting the Right Size Desiccant

We carry silica gel desiccants in many different sizes to meet your needs. If you have many small containers or one very large container, can provide you with the right product.

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