Sorb-it Silica Gel 1 Gram Tyvek Pouch, 5000 Count
Item #: 4216
Shipping Weight: 19.00 lbs

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1 Gram Sorb-it packs contain silica gel that will control moisture in contained environments. The pouches prevent corrosion, mildew, mold, rust and other moisture damage during storage and/or shipping. Sorb-it absorbs water from the surrounding environment, but yet remains dry to the touch, even at maximum capacity. Pouch made of Dupont Tyvek material.

5000 silica gel pouches per pail.

Typical Uses for desiccants include the following:

  • Machine Parts
  • Pharmaceuticals and Vitamins
  • Electronics
  • Diagnostics
  • Military Equipment
  • Food
  • Photographic Equipment
  • Documents
  • Textile
  • Medical Equipment
  • Batteries

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