Sorb-it Silica Gel 3 Gram Tyvek Pouch, 2000 Count
Item #: 4828
Shipping Weight: 19.00 lbs

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3 Gram Sorb-it packs contain silica gel that will control moisture in contained environments. The pouches prevent corrosion, mildew, mold, rust and other moisture damage during storage and/or shipping. Sorb-it absorbs water from the surrounding environment, but yet remains dry to the touch, even at maximum capacity. Each 3 gram pouch measures 27mm x 52mm. Pouch made of Dupont Tyvek material.

2000 silica gel pouches per pail.

Typical Uses for desiccants include the following:

  • Machine Parts
  • Pharmaceuticals and Vitamins
  • Electronics
  • Diagnostics
  • Military Equipment
  • Food
  • Photographic Equipment
  • Documents
  • Textile
  • Medical Equipment
  • Batteries

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